Dreamcatchers fever

I love them; they calm down, they give serenity, I like the style that they bring to the decoration of the rustic rooms. I make some of them,this one with a piece of lace fabric. #zerowaste So here it is, with no more talking,hope you like it.

Looking for the green lady

That was our goal. To make this dream come true.  Rented a car,checked the weathercast and went to the place with the clearest sky. Some visits are meanwhile obligated. The cable car(sjelheisen) ,up to mount storsteipen, The Artic Cathedral A stroll at Sturgata enjoying the warmed sidewalks looking for places like the Venfensteatret Cinema (the olderContinue reading “Looking for the green lady”

Terminal City

Throwback to Vancouver,last step of our journey discovering Canada. Like the icing on the cake, the lasts hours in that City were amazing,amazing as All the possibilities the city offers to you. The Economists Intelligences Unit acknowledged it as the first city ranked among the top-ten of the world’s most well-living cities for five consecutive years. The fewContinue reading “Terminal City”

Articq experience

Why?I haven’t a list with the places i want to discover, all landscapes are envy. Even so, it’s true that i have a preference for warm countries. But see the northern lights it has always been an unreachable dream. I’ll hope Norway will be overcoat’the souvenir of this great experience. Forth i discovered more andContinue reading “Articq experience”