Internacional mother earth day

“One new infectious disease emerges in humans every 4 months. 75% of these emerging diseases come from animals.A healthy ecosystem helps to protect us from these diseases. Biological diversity makes it difficult for pathogens to spread rapidlyIt is estimated that around one million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction. If we fight climateContinue reading “Internacional mother earth day”

Canola fields

Last weekend we found the loveliest field, endless yellow canola blooms. I was already sure that I couldn’t take any pregnancy picture surrounded by those flowers because usually those fields bloom later, but we found this small one by surprise on our way home after a day spent by the lake. I am just goingContinue reading “Canola fields”

Women’s day

Because many things have improved since 150 years ago, but there is still much to be done. I don’t know what’s harder: raising empowered girls or raising boys who respect them in any situation: both jobs are a big responsibility. I hope that one day, when they will grow up this will be just aContinue reading “Women’s day”

Unconditional love

“Everything has changed and yet, I am more me than I’ve ever been.” — Iain Thomas Motherhood, the change that heals you, the strongest love that you can feel. Sometimes #instagram can teach you so much… I met there beautiful people, I am (slowly) improving my English, I am more organized, or working on myContinue reading “Unconditional love”