Unconditional love

“Everything has changed and yet, I am more me than I’ve ever been.” — Iain Thomas Motherhood, the change that heals you, the strongest love that you can feel. Sometimes #instagram can teach you so much… I met there beautiful people, I am (slowly) improving my English, I am more organized, or working on myContinue reading “Unconditional love”

Human labels

I don’t like it when sometimes I hear “how calm she is, it must be so easy for you” : no one can know, except us, if it is really easy or difficult for us life as parents…but I was recently told “how is your pregnancy going, with a girl as moved as she isContinue reading “Human labels”

Couple goals

I was talking about new year resolutions on my last post, and as we still on January, I keep finding blog posts of those goals. I heard about a concept pretty interesting, because is less stressful than the “old” way of choosing all those resolutions. The world of the year consists on choose only justContinue reading “Couple goals”

We can do it

May 8th: internationally woman’s day. We must remember that girls just want to have fundamental rights. For those women who fought for our rights and those who couldn’t. For those women who raised us. For all the women who smile hiding their sorrow. For our daughters, because it is an urgency to change all minds,andContinue reading “We can do it”