Sweet Odyssey

Athens. Cradle of democracy. All these mythology that I used to read when I was younger. Another capital to discover. People, art, gastronomy, architecture, religions and all this music. Another duo travel, the begining of an unforgettable honey moon. Atenas. La cuna de la democracia. Toda esa mitología que solía leer cuando era más joven.Continue reading “Sweet Odyssey”

Cyclade romance

Here just some ideas if you are looking for a boho wedding, another kind of dresses or places to celebrate your day. From the white island to the love island. Katharos beach,oia, Santorini,one feareless bridal day with the feet in the water. Dress: http://www.charoruiz.es Headband: “diy” lace and crocheted flowers by my mum💕 #charoruiz #diyContinue reading “Cyclade romance”