Cyclade romance


Cyclade romance: Here just some ideas if you are looking for a boho wedding, another kind of dresses or different places to celebrate your day.
From the white island where we married to the love island where we spent our honeymoon.

Katharos beach, Oia, Santorini, one fearless bridal day with the feet in the water.

  • Headband: “DIY” lace and crocheted flowers by my mum💕

Our wedding was a small ceremony with only close family and friends. Ibiza is a family destination for us and some places there are really close to our hearts. Remember our upcycled decorations? And local brand for the dress or handmade accessories.

I brought my wedding dress to my honeymoon so we could take some photos there. A kind of crash the dress photo session.

My favorite memory from that travel was our evening walk in Oia in our wedding outfits! And the sunsets there were amazing!

Hope you enjoyed these photos of our Cyclade romance and mood, that travel was a really special one!

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