Travel introduction

Travel introduction: My first travel wasn’t a flight. I went to france by car. That was supposed to be a six months stay for work but is were I live now.

We have moved on some times and lived at Carcassonne, Alès, Arles and visited Paris, Bordeaux, Montpellier, la côte d’azur or the atlantique coast.

The very first place where I lived at france was a little village near to Alès.

Actually I don’t have a lot of pictures of this place, but it’s the beginning of my adult life journey. Travels have always been a leit motive for me, and you’ll find here travel posts from time to time.

I’ll also talk about different spanish and french traditions or recipes as I love seasonal content and it’s a great way to start a more sustainable lifestyle, not only choosing seasonal fruits and veggies but also being more aware about seasons and nature changing.

So for that very first blog post I just wanted you to know me a little more about me and what I want to share here with you. Hope you enjoy my little world!


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