DIY space crafts: from cardboard and bottles

DIY space crafts: from cardboard and bottles. Today I am going to show you how to craft rocketships and jet packs from cardboards and bottles. Your little space lovers will adore these ideas and you just need to recycle waste to make these 3 easy and fun space crafts.

So today I will share 4 easy recycled crafts for space lovers 🚀, using cardboard scraps and toilet paper rolls. They are easy and I made them for our space themed birthday table, which I’ll be sharing soon!

1. Rocketships

With cardboards, toilet paper rolls and wooden sticks, perfect to play with Playmobils or small dolls, these are the easiest space puppets!

2. Jet packs

You can create you own astronaut costume with white clothes and these recycled jet packs, and you can add the cardboard helmets that I’ll share below!

3. Rockets

Cute rockets with more toilet paper rolls, washi tape and crepe paper scraps.

4. Astronaut helmet

You can recycle cardboard boxes and turned them into astronaut helmets. Use paint or chalk markers to customize them!

I hope that you liked these DIY space crafts, as I said, they decorated our space birthday and made a cute sustainable surprise for the birthday girl. I try to craft their birthday decorations the month before their special day, so they can participate to make these projects but they are always surprised to discover the final decor for their birthday table.

Can’t wait to show you the rest of decorations!have s great time till that and see you on the other platforms!

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