Diy cardboard Tetris

Diy cardboard Tetris: our new craft made from egg boxes!

Do you remember Tetris? How cool Gameboys were, I am not a huge console fan but I’d love to play again Tetris in a vintage Gameboy.

So when I saw this a few months ago on Instagram (@actividades_infanties) I totally wanted to try! But I haven’t these big egg boxes (if we buy eggs it’s usually by twelve). When I visited my parents and saw that box I instantly asked for it.🙈

The craft is pretty easy, you take the “lid” part of the box and choose which parts you will cut (I draw a small dot on each part) . Be careful when you cut the parts of the puzzle so you don’t break the cardboard. Then we painted it with acrilic. That’s all! It’s a fun craft for kids involving fine motor skills,art, solving solutions and it’s zero waste. 🙌

Diy cardboard Tetris

Here’s a video so you can see better:

What do you think? DIY cardboard Tetris:Cool or not? The girls loved it so it’s a win for us!😄

Living is like Playing Tetris: when you fit in , you disappear.


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