Pumpkin waffles

Pumpkin season has started! I’ve been trying different recipes with pumpkins,pies, muffins, cookies…but my favorite is the pumpkin waffles one!

I freeze some pumpkin puree and when I want to make waffles I just take a part for the recipe,it’s really handy! (That’s why you can see onion squash and not pumpkins on the photo,I haven’t bought pumpkins yet! 🙈)

Vegan pumpkin waffles
Pumpkin waffles

For this recipe you just need:

1/2 cup of pumpkin puree,


1 cup flour (your choice),

1cup milk (also your choice,you can use plantbased),

2tbsp of olive oil,

1tbsp cinnamon,

1tbsp ginger (grounded) .

Mix the ingredients and make your waffles! I use a waffle maker,so i just need to wait to the green light to have the dough done!

The smell is amazing and tastes so good!

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Anniversary gift

Soon it’s our wedding anniversary, so I am sharing today a cute anniversary gift! One of my first blog posts (after a few travel ones) was about all the DIY we used for our wedding decorations, but I never shared these personalized t-shirts that I made with permanent pens, for my “hubby” and I. We wear them one day during our honeymoon and only have this photo but it’s one of my favorite ones of the travel!

Matching t-shirts template

So if you like the idea, I just created a template with the words “hubby” and “wifey” (feel free to combine the ones of your choice)

You just need to download the printable and use transfer paper to personalize your t-shirt,hope you like it!xx

Wishing you a great month!

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Sweet potato brownies

Sweet potato brownies!

A long time ago I shared a red bean brownie,and I must say that I totally forgot that recipe🙈 although it was a good and yummy (and obviously sugar free) you can find it here .

This year I had so many sweet potatoes that I needed extra recipe ideas so I thought about a brownie but this time with a different veggie inside. Today you’ll find the sweet potato one. I must say that I like it better than the red beans version, the texture is amazing and the taste really good ( I shared some videos on Pinterest )

Sweet potato vegan brownies

You just need :

2 sweet potatoes, 1 cup of flour,1/3 cup of raw cacao,2 bananas, 2 tbsp coconut oil, 2 tbsp nut butter, 1tbsp cinnamon

Mix the sweet potatoes,bananas,nut butter and coconut oil. Separately mix dry ingredients. Then blend all and bake it 180° C for 25min

Sweet potato vegan brownies

It’s really easy and so delicious! Perfect for cozy rainy afternoons🍁

Hope you like it!xx

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Autumn masks

Remember my carnival masks templates? I shared them last year and used felt and cardboards to make them .

Last week I used the same templates to make autumn masks,this time with different kind of leaves .

Autumn masks with leaves for kids

I used the owl template and added different layers of leaves,feathers and small branches. And made an Autumn crown for the little one,they said they were the “king of the owls” and the “lord of autumn” 🙈

Owl mask with leaves for kids

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Goodbye summer!

As we were welcoming autumn I remembered that I’ve forgotten to share our Moana inspired birthday party !

That was for our girl’s 5th birthday,we weren’t at home so I needed really easy DIY ideas (I even wanted to cook the croissants and doughnut with our recipes but we haven’t an oven so I just bought them at the bakery shop,they were delicious!)

Before leaving I planned a few easy things at home,like some templates from the movie that I laminated,the hook (made from cardboard),the coconuts and some flower necklaces.

Are you curious about the rest of decor?Hope you like it!

Ananas doughnut crafts for Moana themed birthday
Moana themed birthday party
Fish star from bread
Crab from croissants
Diy hei hei cookies from Moana
Diy cardboard hook from moana
Watermelon birthday cake

Enjoy the new season!xx

Collar pattern

Well I am updating the blog and just realized that I need to reshare my collar pattern! It’s one of my favorites so I hope the blog post finally works now! You can find it anyway on my Instagram and Pinterest ☺️

Here is my own pattern! An easy one, to start: the removable collar that you can mix&match with shirts, jumpers, dresses or cardigans.

Removable diy collar

I made a big one with an additional ruffle,but you can avoid the ruffle if you want an easier version! Also you can use the fabric of your choice. For this one I upcycled a white sheet,but all prints or embroideries are welcome!

You just need to print the pattern and cut two pieces of fabric,sew them inside out leaving a small whole (to flip the fabric) and finish the collar with a neat seam.

Handmade vintage collar

Click below to download:

Hope you like it!xx

September’s foodies

Already 18th September!say what? The month is almost over! And autumn is almost here too… There is a lot of things I love about sep,the cooler weather (but usually still nice) apples, figs,nice sunsets,my mom’s birthday🥰

And as there are a lot of yummy veggies in September today I wanted to share an easy snack idea with figs. But let’s do it vegan🌱

Vegan toast with figs

So we picked some figs from our parents garden and made bread all together! Then I found a tofu cream as a cheese alternative and voilà,added some nuts and I don’t usually drink wine but if you like it must be yummy with it! Do you like figs? For me they’re the transition from summer to fall, like a September symbol 🍁

Hope you like it!xx

Autumn is coming!

Hi! It has been a crazy summer over here and now we are doing a kinda fall cleaning at home, tidying up, decluttering and getting ready for another year of homeschooling!

So I thought it would be nice to put here in that blog post last year’s autumn activities for kids,some things that we did from our nature learning and other studies.

I’ll link them below,and will add the new ones soon!

Toadstools study

Autumn tree

Harvest moon

Homeschooling ideas

Autumn masks

Are you ready for autumn?xx

Eggplant pie

It’s time for another seasonal recipe! And it involves eggplants and tomatoes,two of my favorite summer veggies/fruits. I am realizing that I share a lot of savory pies,they are great in order to eat different veggies in one dish and easy to make too,so handy! This one has a lot of cheese so it maybe hard to find a vegan alternative (we try to have a mostly 100% plantbased diet but we do eat dairies and eggs,and reduce as much as possible meat and fish)

Savoury eggplant pie

🔸Ingredients: 2 eggplants,3tomatoes, crust dough, provence herbs,1/2 cute parmesan,1/2 cup gruyere,2tbsp olive oil.

🔸Puff pastry: 2 cup flour,1 tbsp salt,250gr plant based butter frozen, 2/3 cup cold water. Grate the butter and add it to flour (I put the flour in the fridge 15min) slowly mixing. Pour the cold water into the dough. Mix. Wrap with a cloth and leave it in the fridge for 30min. Roll the dough,fold a rectangle three times and let it chill in the fridge again for 1hour.

Cut the eggplant in thin slides,drain and lighty fry in a pan. Preheat the oven 180°

Fit the crust into a pie pan,prick with a fork and oven 10min 180°

Make one layer with the eggplant slides,another with tomato slides,last one again with eggplant. Then add parmesan, provence herbs, gruyere add some tomatoes on the top and olive oil.

Hope you like it!xx And of you do,you may would love to help me with a coffee ❤️

Gazpacho andaluz

I don’t even know why I’ve never shared that before, sometimes we forget the most obvious things: that’s a must summer recipe and one of my most present childhood memories,my “seasonal journal” couldn’t miss that one! It’s my grandma and mom’s recipe and I took the photo before we left.

Vegan tomato soup

You just need two cloves of garlic ,1green pepper,1 cucumber and 4 tomatoes and 2tbsp olive oil,mix everything and add some water (serve cold!) Enjoy 🥰