Upcycled vintage doilies

Another upcycling today! And I did it using vintage doilies! I already shared here different ways to use vintage crocheted doilies,from dreamcatchers to handbags and I finally managed to create a big collar from a crocheted doily.

It’s really easy,you just need to cut the doily in a half and sew each part on the collar of the t-shirt,and the result is pretty cool!

What do you think?hope you like it!xx

Constellation cards

Welcome August! some of my favorite things about that month are starry nights so I decided to make a new free template! I love this one and it’s great because it’s really versatile,you can play with these freebies in so different ways! I hope you like it as much as I do!

So I created that constellation card that you can print. The first card can be used as a guide but also if you cut each constellation you can use it as a light projector with a toilet paper roll (making small wholes with a needle)

I also added other templates that you can use with your kids as sewing cards, perfect for fine motor skills!

I used to love to observe the starry nights with my mom,brother and sister when we were kids and I did it in Spanish so my niece and my daughters can enjoy it better 🥰

Click below to download your template:

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Have a great August!❤️

Summer crafts

Are crafts during summer still a thing?some people needs them more because school it’s over and we need to keep children entertained, other people enjoy more the pool,beach/holidays and don’t need that kind of activities during summer time.

At home we still crafting as our routines don’t change that much (except if we travel,but we don’t leave the house longtime) so today I am sharing here some cute summer crafts ideas that we specially liked.

Recycling is always a lust so the paper toilet sand castle it’s one of our favorites.

Painti with salt is so much fun and the kids love the 3d effect!

And the footprints on the sand are a cute keepsake idea 🥰

I shared videos about these three crafts on insta and pinterest too.

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Summer vibes

Something that I usually never wear in summer and started to used this year,are bucket or baseball hats. I always used straw hats or eventually a scarf but now with the masks the most comfortable was no sunglasses and a foldable hat that can fit inside my handbag,so I thought that it was the moment to try to sew my own bucket hat.

I tried that free pattern from threadsmonthly

As I have enough fabric I also made a skirt-short with that shorts pattern ,and added a layer of fabric to have the skirt part. And a matching short for my girl using a pair of pants to have the pattern 🥰

I am ready for summer!Hope you like it!xx

Zucchini Chocolate Bundt cake

Did you know that world chocolate day is celebrated on 7th July?

I am more a salty person but I can’t live without some chocolate,so I try to choose treats without sugar or other additives. Oatmeal cookies with raw cocoa for example are easy and kids love it.

Last month (already!?) I tried for the first time a Bundt cake,and I remembered something that I haven’t shared yet, zucchinis in cakes! I don’t know what I stopped using zucchini in cakes but it’s perfect for cacao,the cake was perfectly fluffy and really tasty! So I guess this chocolate world day it’s the perfect excuse to share the recipe!


1 zucchini,grated
2tbsp raw cacao (ecological and fair trade,if possible)
3 tbsp agave syrup
6tsp baking powder
2 1/2 cups of flour
1pinch of salt
3/4 cup plantbased butter
1/2 plantbased milk

Mix all the ingredients and oven 180°25min

To avoid icing and because I haven’t more time or ingredients, I just added some coconut flakes on the top.

Zucchini will add moisture but won’t change the taste of the cake. It was the perfect chocolate treat!I hope you like it!And if you do you can help me with a coffee, clicking on the link below⬇️ Thank you so much for your support!

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Geometric rhubarb pie

The end of the spring arrived and for the first time I found rhubarb so I absolutely needed to try a recipe and I chose rhubarb pie,it’s really easy the hard part was attempting these geometric styling 🙈I haven’t enough rhubarb for that and I did a few mistakes but here is the result:

Geometric rhubarb pie


-1Pastry https://paradoxalworld.com/2021/04/29/zucchini-pie/?preview=true
-2apples,500 gr rhubarb,50gr honey,2eggs,2tbsp vanilla,20cl soya cream,30gr plant based butter

Cook the pastry,10 min 180°

Heat the pan with butter,honey and 1glass of water. Caramelize the apples and rhubarb. When ready, remove from heat and add in a bowl with eggs and soya cream. Put it into the pastry and set up some rhubarb on the top(I made these patterns but you can choose different ones). Oven 35min/180°

I must say that it’s the first time I try a rhubarb pie and even if the mixture with apples it’s good, I didn’t like the rhubarb on the top🙈so if I cook it again, I won’t add it. Hope you like it!xx

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Happy father’s day!

Today in France we celebrate father’s day!and I had another idea for a diy gift, I really hope you like it because I kinda love it!

I always look for fun “best dad” t-shirts for that day but it needs to be slow fashion: two years ago I upcycled a t-shirt with fabric pens,last year I found a thrifted one,and this year I found the best way to customize a t-shirt. I made some fun printables and using transfer paper I made our own tshirts. And the result is pretty good,so I am sharing here today the templates that I made,just scroll down and download them for free!

It’s the first time that I use transfer paper,it’s really easy: be sure to buy it for white fabrics (blue ones) because my templates are black. take one paper,print the template of your choice,cut it and iron it (wait 30′ between each step) Let cool and remove the paper: ta-dah! I made the matching t-shirts and will try more !

Hope you like it!xx

Crafts ideas for summer

It’s been a long time since I don’t share our current crafts!we have started the summer ones, featuring seasonal things that we are exploring at the moment,our that we love about that time of the year.

We tried that painted shadow swan,so easy for kids,paper windmills which we love,white Clay beach shapes with shells, cardboard popsicles,and these cute pineapples from pinecones 🍍

Which one is your favorite?xx

Recycling tshirts

Lately I have been decluttering our closets and found lots of t-shirts that were ready to be upcycled. There are lots of things to do with old t-shirts (I actually have started to share some ideas on Instagram and pinterest) and today I am going to share that fun project,with pompoms involved too!

I had lots of yarn stocked for years that I wanted to use because I have cero time for knitting (and no patience 😅) so I first made a few pompoms with that yarn and then use the fabric of an old t-shirt to make a cushion.

I used these colors for the girls room but I’ll maybe try other cushions for our living room as well.

Nothing really hard here,it’s a simple project and you can do it without the pompoms with other fabrics like old jumpers etc

Hope you like it!xx

Summer nights

It’s time for a new freebie! so happy to share this one for you all! Days are longer now and bedtime start a bit later at the moment,and it’s the perfect time to add a bit of magic to our story time,so we play with shadows and puppets,the Best part?you can do these puppets yourself, recycling cardboards and popsicle sticks🍡

Shadow puppets are a great activity for kids ,I made the first ones for the second birthday of my girl and I wanted to make a few more now that the little one can join the fun too.

They love fantasy characters so I made their favorites: unicorns, fairies,queens and princesses,dragons and princes.

You can print them and laminate them,or use cardboards like I did and add popsicle sticks. You can also color them if you want to,or the kids can do it for more fun😊

You must just click on the link below:

Hope you like it!xx