Transcanada HighWay

There are some possibilities to get to Vancouver from Calgary,more or less fasts. We chose to take the road to Golden, through the transcanada highway, direction to osoyoos,on the border with the USA, and then go to the west to Hope. So we did a few steps on the road,the first one at Golden ,Continue reading “Transcanada HighWay”

The rockies

Et voilà!after a little stroll from Calgary (one hour and a half) we were finally arrived at Banff. To visit the rockies you will find differents “national parks”  they was created to preserv the health of the environment. You must pay about 9$per person and per day to enjoy the activites of each park. Banff nationalContinue reading “The rockies”

Gateway to the rockies

“Cowtown” Calgary, the Stampede City. The second part of the journey, a road trip on the weast coast from calgary to vancouver. We decided to rent a car (avis) on calgary to start the road trip and enjoy the way of trans-canada road. After the land we had just one day before take the carContinue reading “Gateway to the rockies”