The Canadian rockies


The Canadian Rockies: remember my last post? We were in Calgary. And after a little stroll by car (one hour and a half) voilà ! We were finally arrived at Banff. To visit the rockies you will find different “national parks” : they werr created to preserve the health of the environment. You must pay about 9$ per person and per day to enjoy the activities of each park.

Banff national park is the first created in canada and third of the world and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We decided to enjoy the National Park of Banff and the National Park of Lake Louise. And we had a little sketch of the Icefields parkway. Not in our way, so we left behind us the beautiful Jasper (some regrets ;p).

So here’s Banff, the door of the Rocky mountains: you can here bike, hike, kayak, fish…heaven for nature lovers.
Louise Lake
About twenty minutes from Banff, you’ll find another beautiful National Park, with the must see turquoise Louise Lake.
The colour of the lake comes from rock flour carried into the lake by melt-water from the Lefroy glacier, that overlook the lake.

We’ve found here a way to enjoy the wildlife sightings, including grizzly bear, with the lake louise gondola. We took an open chair and enjoy the views from 2088m, and, on the way back, there was a grizzly bear pacing quiet in these beautiful fields.

Lakes Minnewanka and Morraine

Those are two beautiful lakes that we enjoyed while our journey.

A bighorn and a lot of squirrels, the peaceful water surrounded with this magnificent mountains, a single moment to never forget.

Icefields Parkway
This is a scenic road traversing the rockies, linking the lake louise with jasper. At the south the road terminates at the highway 1, and it will be this one who take us later to the Yoho National Park. But first let’s talk a little more about what we discovered at the highfields parkway.
The icefields parkway is 230 km long, and is better than you check online or ask at visitor center for a map, you’ll find a detail of the road, with all informations you might need.

We enjoy Bow lake, another glaciar lake like lake louise, stunning landscaping with some trails to enjoy.

And here we ended our visit. Wanted to continue to wonderful Jasper, but we had to go on our way to Vancouver. Hope you enjoyed the Canadian Rockies.

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