Africa travel


Africa travel: Some souvenirs from a long weekend visiting Morocco. A little getaway with my brother and other friends who did the journey by Defender. I joined them at the end of their trip: I took a flight from Marseille to Marrakech and came back by car with them, what a cool roadtrip!

Some pics of Marrakech and Essaouira, souks, blue skies, mint tea, and the peaceful ocean.

I joined them in Marrakech, and we stayed there three nights. We visited la marina, zooks and then went to Essaouira. What a beautiful city! The hotel had a terrace with amazing views of the rooftops. The streets were so nice discover and we enjoyed the water of the ocean.

It was short but intense and I practiced my travel photo skills which I still need to learn a lot about! But hope you enjoyed that Africa travel gallery !

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