Upcycling ideas

I was organizing the blog and realized that I haven’t create a space with all my upcycles together.

As you know you can find different pages with the links classed by themes (recipes, free templates, seasonal crafts and sewing patterns) and today I am going to share some of my favorite refashioned clothes, all the links will be added here so you can find them easier!

Upcycled collar

T-shirt into cushion

Man’s shirt into blouse

Crocheted doily into shirt collar

Upcycled Halloween costumes

Upcycled dresses

Trousers into dungarees

Upcycled Easter dresses

Shirt into matching blouse and bonnet

Upcycling for carnival

Skirt into onesie

1 woman’s dress 3 outfits

1 tunique 2 dresses

Easter outfits

Gingham dress into 3 outfits

Dress into baby bonnet and scrunchie

Bedsheets into ring sling

Jeans into matching skirts

Dress into matching skirts

Shirts into skirts

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